• CRYSTAL BOMB (100ml)

    The fragrance is an intense woody amber. It opens with notes of rose, violet leaves, and raspberry. The heart evolves in dark accords of cedar wood and enlivens the senses with white musk, oud, and vanilla. The personal story of an Arabian princess.
  • JEUX DANGEREUX (100ml)

    The composition begins with fresh fruity accords of bergamot and grapefruit that develop into the floral hearts of rose and jasmine. The sensual woody notes and gourmand vanilla form the base of the perfume.The story of a secret agent with a legendary butterfly tattoo on her delicate shoulder blade.
  • JUST ROULETTE (100ml)

    Top note: Grapefruit. Core note: Iris. Base note: Cedar wood, vetiver, moss. A very intense, deep masculine fragrance. The story of an Italian actor, his wife, their small daughter, and their nanny on their yacht.
  • PRIVAROT (100ml)

    The energizing freshness of ylang-ylang and jasmine is united with relaxing floral aromas of tiare flower and orange blossom, accompanied by sandalwood and benzoin in the base. The personal story of a sorceress from Brazil with the melodious name Maria de Solsa, who took a very personal path to find love.
  • SHE & MALE (100ml)

    A legendary fragrance for man and woman alike, containing iris and vetiver, neroli, and a dash of moss. Charismatic, spiritual, unique. For the woman in every man and for the man in every woman. Elicits the unsaid and inspires the wearer to do the seemingly impossible. An unforgettable encounter in a legendary London club.
  • The Essence of Love

    Set of 1.8ml samples of each scent With the order of this set, you will receive a 45€ Voucher to redeem with the purchase of any other of our products
  • TRY TO FOLLOW ME (100ml)

    Top note: Mandarin, pepper, ginger, vegetal accord. Core note: Cedar wood, vetiver. Base note: Tonka beans, amber, moss, musk. The story of a professional poker player from New York who found true love on a flight to Monaco.